Who we are

Production for upholstery, hospitality, interior and product design.

Synthesis of tradition and innovation, passion and professionalism, craftsmanship and technology.

This is Lapelle srl, a production and trading company of high quality Italian cowhide for upholstery based in Arzignano, the home of leather processing, but with an eye to the world.

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Our history


The origins. After several years working in the tannery to learn the various leather production processes, from an idea of Andrea Fabris and Alessandro Trinca Lapelle srl was born in Arzignano, an agency in the tanning industry, specialized in leathers for upholstery, hospitalty, interior and product design.


The Change. Lapelle srl transforms itself from an agency into a production and trading company of Italian leather. Purchase of raw material, retanning, study of new products, and production of leather for upholstery.


Today. Awarded by the Financial Times as one of the companies with the strongest growth in Europe and highlighted as the company with the highest growth rate in Italy.


  • Staff in 2016: 2 people. Staff today: 11 people.
  • Turnover in 2016: 10 million euros. Turnover in 2020: 23 million euros.
  • In 2016- 2017-2018-2019-2020: winners of the Financial Times award for being one of the companies with the strongest growth in Europe and listed as one of the companies with the highest growth rate in Italy.


2016 = 150,000 pq / month
2018 = 2.000.000 pq / month

Why choose us

Quality and service

To customer needs and quality controls carried out on three stages: raw material, semi-finished and finished product.

Ethics, Transparency, Quality

Values that we profess and spread.

Ethics: our fairness.
Transparency: clarity with customers, with subcontractors, with suppliers.
Quality: customization of our product and customer service.

The Small And The Big

Our size allows us to approach both the smallest customers and the more structured industrial realities, up to the global market.

Research and development

We are always looking for new products also from a fashion point of view (color etc.).

Certifications And Acknowledgments

La Pelle

What characterizes Lapelle?

Our Team

Andrea Fabris

Andrea Fabris


Sales and Accountant

Alessandro Trinca

Alessandro Trinca


Buying and raw material

Dennis Evolani

Dennis Evolani

Sales Director

Sales Director

la pelle team

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